24 Februari 2011


My first thought ..

we are free people,
we are the fish that swim in the ocean,
not fish that washed up on the reef when the tide beach ..

I love you not without risk,
but I was the person most aware of all risk our relationship ..
I just want to show everyone,
how great the power of love that can break down walls of social status..

but in reality? ..

when I have been through it, I just realized, that love also need capital .
we need the understanding of each other,
we need to think the worst risks in our relationship later ,

and I stupidly forget about it ..

I believe everything can happen,
nothing is impossible as long as we try to do our best ..

but now, I have understood all what you mean, I know this is the best for us now .
I hope you want to believe all that just for now, not forever ..
someday, I'll pick you up rather than from behind the tower like romeo and juliet,
but right at your doorstep one day, I believe  ..

i don't know what  makes me believe, I just follow my heart 'D' ..

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Meee hahha

Meee hahha
"cinta tak pernah adil di mata siapapun..bahkan di mata hatimu sendiri.."

cinta itu abstrak bahkan takkan dapat diproyeksikan dalam wujud atau bentuk apapun..



My Emotion

My Emotion